The MobStar BETA period will, on the whole, provide an experience that users can interact with immediately and hopefully, with little to no issues.

BETA period is however always a form of test phase, where we hope not only to continue to build on the app and it's functionality, but to gain useful information, insights, collect feedback & ultimately, tailor the experience where you, the all important user, want it to be!

For this reason, whilst we actively encourage you guys, the users, to fully immerse yourselves within the app and all it has to offer, we need to make it clear that it's by no means the finished product and we will be releasing regular updates as soon as new parts are ready...

If you spot any bugs, things that cause you an issue, areas you think we can improve.... simply do the following:

1. Shake the device you're using the app on (Our in-app reporting software will take a screenshot.)

2. Using the "draw" function from the options at the bottom of the screen, circle or put an arrow where the issue/improvement you're suggesting is.

3. Using the "type" function from the options at the bottom of the screen, type an explanation of what you're trying to report/comment on.

4. Add your email address, then send.


Not only will you be actively helping us to improve the user experience, but you'll probably get a nice shiny message back from one of our friendly team thanking you for your help!